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The standard air conditioning system includes many different parts that are designed to work in unison with one another, and one of the most important is the evaporator coil. All of the various components of your air conditioning system must work together to provide your home with the cool, comfortable air you want when it’s hot outside, but without a functioning evaporator coil, there won’t even be any cool air to circulate.

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What Does the Evaporator Coil Do?

The evaporator coil is a metal tubing that is an integral part of your home’s AC system. The coil is often made from copper and it contains refrigerant that helps to cool the air that’s drawn from your home before it is sent back inside. Copper is great at conducting heat, which is why it is a common choice for the evaporator coil. If your evaporator coil is leaking refrigerant, you won’t be able to cool your home because the system will only produce lukewarm air until the coil is fixed.

The Need for Clean Coils

Dirt is one of the biggest issues when it comes to the performance of your evaporator coil. With consistent use, the coil attracts dust and grime and the air that’s drawn over the coil won’t get chilled enough. When the air isn’t chilled properly, the efficiency of the system is affected and you’ll be paying more for your energy bills. The best way to keep your evaporator coil clean and working well is to work out a good maintenance schedule with your service provider and then stick to it.

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Avoiding the Deep Freeze

If you have a drain clog within the Ac system, you may be at risk of the coil freezing, which is another way the system’s efficiency will be tested. The coil may freeze when condensation forms on the metal, but can’t drain away properly due to the drain clog. The coils can also freeze if they become too cold during the cooling process. If you notice frozen coils, shut off the system to allow them to thaw, and if you suspect a drain clog, call for help.

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