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These 4 Tips Will Help You Save Money On Your Water Bill In 2018

Water is something that you use in your home every single day, whether it’s to clean your dishes, or mix in with your food as you’re preparing that next meal.
But every day that you use your water, you’ll eventually pay for at the end of the month when that water bill arrives. If you want to lower how much you pay for your water in 2018, try our four tips!

Reuse Water in Your Garden

Water PlantsIf you have water that’s already been used in cooking, washing, or cleaning, this is referred as “grey water.”
It means that it might have some contaminants in it that make it dicey for humans to drink, but is otherwise still relatively safe for other uses.
Your garden is one of those uses. Watering plants and grass, especially at the height of summer, can be one of the biggest drains on your water.
If you collect and reuse grey water, or set up a dedicated system, like a rain barrel, you can dramatically reduce how much potable water ends up coming out of your hose or sprinklers.

Wash Your Car at a Car Wash

Car WashWhile it’s true that traditional, automated car washes will cost you money, but save time, there’s a new trend in this industry.
Self-serve car washes cost only a fraction of that money, and require a bit more time, but you enjoy more savings.
These DIY centers charge far less, since you’re not using machinery, but you not only save money on lower washing prices, you save money on water you don’t use.
Washing your car at home can use up gallons of water coming out of your hose. It also puts that soapy, chemical laden water straight into the sewer. A self-serve car wash costs you no water, and the water you do use is recycled.

Update Your Shower

ShowerYou should take more showers than baths, especially if you have modern plumbing. A bath will consume between 20-50 gallons dependent on the size of the tub and how much you fill it.
A shower, on the other hand, uses up only 2.5 gallons a minute for modern fixtures. This only applies to more modern shower plumbing from 1992 onwards.
Older shower heads use a system known as unrestricted flow, which is much more wasteful with water. Upgrade to a new system that is vastly more water efficient without compromising water pressure and enjoy much more efficient water use.

Plug Up Leaks

Water LeakIf you have leaks in your plumbing this is a significant, constant drain on your water. Every time that water leaks your water supplier is charging you for it, even if you didn’t turn on a tap! Check your water meter to see if it has a leak indicator.
Or, just take a reading, stop using all water in the house for 10 minutes to an hour, then see if the water meter has gone up anyway. If it has, you’ve got a leak. Get it fixed, to solve the problem!
By taking these tips to heart and being a bit more mindful about your water usage, you’ll notice a real difference in your bills. Make your life in Denver, CO a bit more efficient. Be smart about your water usage and enjoy the savings with lower bills every month.