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Trustworthy Guide to Going Green

Being environmentally friendly is hugely beneficial. You are likely aware of the benefits to the planet if you adopt habits that are eco-friendly. But did you know that in many cases, making these eco-friendly choices saves you money too?
Going green can help you save the green as well (in your wallet).

Tankless Water Heaters are Better for the Environment

Tankless heaters are more energy efficient than traditional storage tank, which makes them better for the planet. This efficiency translates into cost savings for you (in some cases, you can reduce your bills by 20-50 percent!).
What’s more is that you might even be eligible for rebates by making this green move, increasing your savings even more.
The supply is steadier with a tankless water heater as well. They are smaller, which makes them more desirable if you have space considerations.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Plumbing Fixtures?save-water

Eco-friendly plumbing fixtures don’t just look nice; they help reduce water use in the one room in your home where you tend to waste water the most.
A motion sensor faucet will turn the water off when it isn’t immediately needed. A low-flow shower head reduces the waste of water while still providing great water pressure and heat from the hot water.
The real water hog in your bathroom is your toilet, taking by far the most water to flush. A low-flow model will reduce that amount needed.

It’s Earth Day on April 22

While the spirit of Earth Day should be with you every day, take the time to celebrate Mother Earth on her official day: April 22.
In Denver, the fresh air and rugged surrounding landscape just beckon for Earth Day celebrations. What are you interested in? There are outdoor yoga classes, bike rallies, an e-waste recycling depot and much more.
The city of Denver is hosting an event in Skyline Park where the focus will be on renewable energy and sustainable action. You can bring the whole family to Earth Day celebrations at the Children’s Museum of Denver.

DIY Water Filter

One of the best (and easiest) things that you can do for Mother Earth is to stop buying plastic water bottles. These bottles are handy, but end up in landfills.
You don’t have to go without clean and crisp water though because you can filter it yourself at home very easily. Simply install a water filtration system and carry your water in a refillable container.

Get Green by Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

carbon-footprintTo keep that spirit of Earth Day going all year round, change your habits and reduce your carbon footprint.
In the kitchen, use your microwave or slow cooker to make dinner more often, instead of turning on the oven. Recycle cooking liquid to water plants.
Defrost your fridge and freezer monthly. Always wipe the dust off of the fridge coils at the back. Hand wash dishes.
Don’t buy products that can’t be recycled. Plant more trees at your home. Plant a vegetable garden. Don’t drive if you can walk or bike instead.