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Must-Know Garbage Disposal Tips and Tricks

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The Plumbing Professionals of Denver, CO Want to Share the Following Information About Garbage Disposals’ Care and Maintenance

Essential Tips for Your Garbage Disposal

If you are the owner of a garbage disposal, you’ve definitely been there; you walk into your kitchen to discover a mysterious unpleasant smell. Eventually, you discover it is coming from your sink, or rather your garbage disposal. It can be extremely frustrating, trying to get rid of a garbage smell when you can’t simply tie it up in a bag and throw it outside. This household appliance is indispensable, so industry professionals are here to give you tips on how to handle the situation.

Why Does Your Garbage Disposal Smell in the First Place?

disposal smell timeThere are a number of reasons that your garbage disposal might smell, and knowing them is perhaps the best way to prevent a similar occurrence in the future. The most common cause of unwanted smells is a clog. A build-up of food waste will eventually cause smells as the trapped waste decomposes.

Here is a brief list of food that will easily clog your garbage disposal and should be kept away: Pasta, oats, and other expanding grains/legumes can clog the pipes when they sit with water. Hard, inedible food remnants like bones, pits, and shells should be kept far away as they can damage blades and lodge in the pipes. Fibrous foods such as celery, onion peels, and squash are too stringy for garbage disposal and can get caught in blades. Lastly, food with membranes like potato skins and eggshells can coat blades and pipe edges.

Another issue that can cause a smelly garbage disposal is a dry S or P-trap. The trap should always have water in it in order to create a seal that prevents sewer gas from wafting up the plumbing system. If your trap is dry, it can’t do its job and will quickly start releasing unpleasant gasses through your sink. This is an issue that must be assessed and fixed by a professional.

Sometimes, your garbage disposal just needs proper cleaning. If you don’t find a clog, the smell could simply be caused by films and pieces of food gathering and lining the pipes without causing a clog. The longer it sits without cleaning, the worse the smell will get.

Finding Natural Remedies

lemons timeThere are great natural remedy options that will clean out your smelly garbage disposal and even leave it smelling fresh! The most natural, and perhaps simplest choice, is lemons.

Putting cut up pieces of whole lemons into the garbage disposal will leave your entire kitchen smelling lemony, and the citrus will naturally break down particles causing build-up within the garbage disposal. Another fantastic natural remedy is baking soda and vinegar. The natural chemical reaction will release and dissolve build-up from the pipes.

Both options are great for the eco and health-conscious. They avoid harsh chemicals and are by far the most sustainable and safe choice. The lemon option is also a fantastic natural air freshener for when you have guests coming over!

Bio Clean Is Also an Option

bio clean timeSometimes, you need a longer-term solution or a product with a little more strength. If this is the case, it’s advised that you turn to a scientifically engineered cleaning solution. There are a number of intense drain cleaners on the market. If you don’t want to use an unnatural cleaner, Bio Clean is the perfect option.

Bio Clean is a blend of natural bacteria and enzymes with capabilities to eliminate waste buildup in plumbing and septic systems. Bio Clean is comprised of 4 different enzymes, more than double most cleaners, which naturally digest our waste. They convert waste particles into water, carbon dioxide, and ash. It is NSF certified and is completely safe for use in food-prep areas. The enzymes only attack nonliving organic matter, making it the safest option for human contact.

Your Local Plumbers

Since 1983, Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. has been serving homeowners throughout the Denver area. They offer top-quality plumbing repairs, including garbage disposal services, ensuring all your appliances and systems are working as they should.