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Efficient Plumbing: Reducing Summer Water Use With Low Flush Toilets

Save the Environment and Your Money with Low Flush Toilets

In Denver, most people know just how important conservation is to the health and longevity of the planet. The planet has more demands on it than ever before, and it is increasingly important that all of the earth’s residents do their part to help save it. 

Water conservation is one of the most important pieces of that puzzle. There are many different ways to start monitoring and decreasing water usage, and it can all start with a simple flush!

This article is focused on how to reduce summer water usage by installing low flush toilets inside a home’s bathroom.

Low Flush Toilets

What Exactly Are Low Flush Toilets?

Low flush toilets, also known as high-efficiency toilets, started being used in the 1990s. The toilets were invented specifically to address environmental concerns about water conversation and new laws that dictated a federal maximum flush rate - 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

In addition to helping to conserve water, the use of low flush toilets also saves the average household potentially hundreds of dollars a year on their water bills.

There are three different low flush toilet designs - gravity-fed tank toilets, two-button flush toilets, and power- or pressure-assist toilets. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to look into each before making any final purchases.


How Do Low Flush Toilets Work?

After some trial and error with the design, the current low flush toilet emerged. It included a much larger flapper valve (the valve that covers the hole in the bottom of the tank) in addition to a larger trapway (the hole located in the bottom of the bowl).

Pressurized air in the toilet’s tank also helps to push water into the bowl with more force, leading to a slightly louder flush that uses far less water than traditional models (by more than half). This design reduces water intake as well as decreases water output.

How Flush Toilets Work

Why Is Water Use Important?

There are many good people in Colorado working hard to try to save the planet, especially with the importance of water conservation. Although it is the “blue planet” and while the Earth may appear to be mostly water, the amount of usable water is surprising. Out of all the water on the planet, only 0.5% is considered actual, drinkable water. 

This means, in a very realistic way, that water sources are finite and will, at some point, be gone. A common point that most individuals find very important for the future of all humans. Water conservation is also important to minimize the financial effects of water droughts and shortages. It can reduce potential political conflict due to the rising cost of water as well. Low flush toilets are one of the best ways to reduce water usage today. 

Water Usage Important

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