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Just for Grins: Top 5 Laughable Plumbing Costumes For Halloween

Must-See Plumbing Costumes of 2019!

It’s Halloween time, and with it, hilarity is bound to ensue! This year the Denver plumbers want to bring you a silly list of the five favorites in plumbing costumes. These are the ones that win, hands-down.

Some of these costumes are so funny that you won’t be able to help but grin. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next costume contest winner with one of the picks down below!

Not Your Average Toilet Services

Think you’ve seen all the plumbing costumes out there? Think again with this ridiculous and memorable “Little Girl Loo” costume. It has all the ingredients of a classic dad joke written all over it.

toilet costume

Never has a commode been so attractive as this tiny toilet. Wonder where all the candy is kept? Look inside! You’ll see what looks to be plenty of “snickers bars” in this one. Ha-ha!

Mario the Plumber Classic with a Twist

When it comes to costumes, there’s nothing like the standard Mario ensemble. Although, a time-treasured favorite plumber, the original one lacks a certain comedic quality. Never fear, though, someone certainly took this costume from classic to Jurassic in no time!


Enter classic Mario with a twist! This funny costume has Mario mounted right on top of the dyno Yoshi. The best part is that Mario’s little legs just dangle over the sides of the beast in between! 

The Double Duty Santa Plumber

So, this guy must have busted the Santa costume out of the closet for a last-minute invite to the neighbor’s Halloween party. What makes it the best is that Santa is on pipe duty! 

santa plumber

The plumber’s belt isn’t even the best part. Hopefully, you’re thinking along the same lines - you could get so much use out of this! Imagine the usefulness of being able to hand out candy, then hand out presents a couple of months later. Win-win!

Ingenious Baby Plumber Solutions

This costume wins for the smartest baby costume solution on the planet. Not only does this mom not have to lug around a stroller all night, she gets in on the candy action too! This one is too darn cute.

baby plumber

The baby carrier turned into Mario World pipes is literally the best. Just plop that baby in, draw on the ‘stache, and put a cap on him. Halloweentown watch out, “it’s-a Mario!”

Doggy Plumber

Now, there’s no leaving the dog out when it comes to the festivities. He might not enjoy it, but you’ll surely get a chuckle. This little doggy costume with his tiny plumber’s toolbelt is priceless!

dog plumber

Imagine the thought of taking this fur-baby for a stroll with his little getup on. The neighbors would howl with laughter at this one. No one would be able to resist “cracking” jokes!

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