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What is That Foul Washing Machine Smell Inside Your Home?

Why Does Your Washing Machine Smell?

While washing machines are items of modern convenience, from time to time, homeowners notice a smell that comes from its drum. This can happen to you no matter what kind of washing machine you own or how old it is. Many homeowners encounter this negative smell during the lifetime of their washer.

While several reasons contribute to this occurrence, often, the reasons for washing machine smell are entirely preventable. Read on to discover what causes the odor and how you can prevent it.

Is Soap Scum to Blame?

soap scumEach washing machine responds to soaps and detergents differently. If you have an “He” machine, you’ll need special “He” detergent. Other types of soaps and detergents will build up in your washing machine. When soap or detergent builds up in your machine, it will leave soap scum behind.

When an abundance of scum and mildew build-up on the inside of your machine, a bad smell will be the result. To prevent this from happening, use soap that is appropriate for your machine. Check your machine manual to determine what type of detergents to use and avoid.

If you think soap scum is to blame, run your washing machine on hot with no clothes inside to rinse away scum and mildew build up. You may need to clean it manually, as well.

Leaving Wet Clothing Behind

Everyone does it from time to time. You put a load of laundry in the washing machine and go to bed and forget it the next morning. If you leave your freshly washed clothes for a few days, you might find a bad smell coming from your clothes. When wet clothes are left in a washing machine clumped together, they will begin to form mildew. This mildew creates a foul odor that builds up over time.

leaving wet clothing

The only way to remedy this is by putting your clothes through the wash cycle. To prevent the build-up of foul odor in washed clothes, be sure to place them in the dryer or hang them to dry as soon as the wash cycle is complete.

Check for a Hidden Clog

hidden clogWashing machines handle dirt, soil, hair, fuzz, and other debris left on dirty clothing. Due to this, clogs can form behind washing machines where dirt, water, and grime build-up. When dirty water sits behind the washing machine, bacteria continue to grow.

This creates a foul smell, even though the inside of your washing machine appears clean. The only way to fix this smell is by cleaning out the clog. Locate the area where dirt, debris, and trapped hair have stopped the water flow and clean this out thoroughly.

When water flows regularly, the smell should not come back. To prevent this from occurring, remove any excess debris from dirty clothing. If needed, hose down soiled clothing outside before placing them in the washing machine.

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