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Water-Saving Summertime Fun Tips for the Whole Family

Today’s homeowner is concerned with water conservation in their home. During most of the year, water conservation can seem simple and easy to integrate into your routine.
However, during summer it can get a little difficult as you try to have fun outside, stay cool, and conserve water at the same time.
Conserving water and enjoying summer requires a little ingenuity, but it’s totally doable and also really fun! Here are several tips and tricks for conserving water and having fun outside this summer:

Turn the Hose into a Fun Game

A simple outdoor hose can unlock a world of fun if used right. Spraying the kids with the hose may seem like a strange thing to do, but it can quickly turn into a giggle fest and fun family memory.
You can even make a high-stakes limbo game out of the water stream that is sure to be a hit. If you’re looking for a more extensive project, try connecting a series of PVC pipes with small holes drilled through to create a unique splash pad for your yard.

Run Through the Sprinkler

If you think back to your own childhood, you probably have some fun family memories of running through the sprinkler in your skivvies.
This simple activity can both help water the lawn and provide fun for the kids as they run, jump, and tumble through the moving water streams.

One Word: Sponges

You will mostly associate sponges with activities such as doing the dishes or washing your car, but they can also be the key to some serious outdoor fun.
Whether you are planning an organized game like “fill the bucket,” where participants must soak and wring sponges to move water from one bucket to another, or you are planning an all-out water fight, sponges are the key to reusable lower water use, instead of using water balloons.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Kids will also get a kick out of colorful and fun melting ice games. Try freezing some small toys, like dinosaurs, and add a little food coloring to your ice cube tray for colorful frozen fun.
You can also create a monster ice cube by filling a balloon with water, letting it freeze then popping the balloon once frozen.
Playing with ice cubes also offers an educational twist on the fun by teaching kids about things like freezing and melting.
Although your first instinct may be to go into full-scale water conservation mode this summer, there are a few things you can do keep the fun going while saving water on a larger scale.