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World Water Day is March 22nd: Are You Ready?

world-waterAs March 22nd quickly approaches, it may be time to consider why World Water Day should be celebrated, and what it means to be a water-conscious individual. World Water Day serves to spread knowledge on the importance of freshwater to our world, and how to sustainably manage and protect this necessary resource.

What Is the Water Crisis?

Our freshwater resources are becoming scarce, as humans are using – and wasting – more water than ever before. This rise in water usage is due to increased urbanization, and lifestyle changes where “more” is better. The human population is set to increase 40 to 50% within the next fifty years, and the over consumption of water brings with it the following issues:
water-drop Agricultural Crisis: Human’s reliance on factory farm produced meat, and water-reliant crops mean that much more water is being used than if people opted for crops that grow well without a large quantity of water or developed more plant-based diets. The American diet requires about 1000 gallons of water per day to produce. Whereas in other areas of the world, only 900 gallons are required to sustain their diets, transportation, households, and energy needs.
Environmental Crisis: The over-consumption of water currently taking place has disastrous effects on aquatic ecosystems and marine species. The lack of, and pollution, of water disrupts the natural balance required to regulate these ecosystems, throwing them into disarray and destruction.

Tips to Prepare for World Water Day

Individuals can cultivate healthy water-saving habits throughout their days by making small changes to daily routines, such as:
running-shower-head- Taking showers instead of baths. A bath requires 37 gallons of water on average, while a five-minute shower uses 15-25 gallons
-Turning off taps while brushing teeth. About five gallons of water are used if you leave the water running
- Fix leaky faucets. A leaky faucet left unfixed can waste up to 100 gallons of water every day
- Use a bucket to wash vehicles rather than a hose
- Avoid watering grass until necessary, and use a garden hose nozzle to control the output of water
Plumbing technologies have been developed to conserve water throughout a household. Consider investing in water-saving plumbing hardware, including:
- Automatic, timed faucets
- Garden hose nozzles
- Low-flush toilets
- Low-flow (energy efficient) showerheads
- Dual-flush toilets
- Faucet aerators. Aerators break up straight water flow into small particles, allowing for the same effectiveness while using less water
The experts at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. in Denver, CO want to help you prepare for World Water Day. For professional installation of water-preserving plumbing technology, call (303) 758-6237.