Denver Surge Protection Installation

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Surge Protection Installation Denver, CO

Even though it may seem like your home’s electrical system is humming along effortlessly behind the scenes, there are many different factors that keep it running smoothly, and many different issues that could cause trouble. One such issue is called a power surge, and without adequate power surge protection, your electrical system may be at risk.

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Power Surge Basics

When you have a power surge in your electrical system, it means that there was a sudden spike in the voltage traveling through the system. Power surges are generally unexpected, and they may originate from a handful of different sources. When you encounter a power surge, any gadgets, devices and appliances that are plugged in may be damaged, whether the item was turned on or off at the time. If you are in the process of plugging something in when a power surge hits, you may get a quick jolt. Power surges take place if the electrical flow is interrupted and then starts up again, or if electricity is sent back into your system for some reason.

The Difference Between Internal and External

Power surges can happen from both internal and external sources. Some of the common internal sources of power surges include turning on appliances such as dryers, or when the power comes back on after a power outage. Externally, you may have a power surge if lightning strikes power lines or utility equipment, if an animal crawls into a transformer or if tree branches come into contact with power lines.

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Rely on Professional Surge Protection Service

The most effective way to deal with power surges in your home is to have professional surge protection services. Whether it is individual surge protectors or whole-house surge protection, having professionals handle the heavy lifting is the only way to ensure you have safe and effective protection. If the ultimate goal is to keep your family safe and your appliances from getting fried every time the power surges, then we can help.

If your home is in need of professional surge protection services, help is just a phone call away. Give us a call at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. in Denver, CO and surrounding area and we will schedule an appointment for one of our licensed electricians to visit and get the situation under control. Call 303-758-6237 today!