Helpful Hints

Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. offers financing for all new systems or those unexpected repairs that can catch you off guard. We have numerous programs to choose from. It’s simple, and only takes 5 minutes to see if you are approved.

Helpful Hints Time Plumbing and Heating

When winter arrives, be sure to remove the hose from your outside faucet. This will prevent the faucet from freezing and breaking. Be cautious when using your outside faucet for the first time in the spring. If it did freeze and break in the winter, a lot of the water will leak back into the house or basement.

Do you get headaches at home? It could be because of dangerous gas leaks from your furnace, boiler or water heater. Ask about our 19 dollar home safety test. Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. will make sure there’s no dangerous carbon monoxide or un-burnt gas leaks that could be affecting your health. It’s a small price to pay to keep you and your family safe. Ask how you can get a free carbon monoxide detector when you get your furnace serviced.

And how about furnace filters? It seems like all you can find these days are the expensive pleated filters. They restrict airflow 10 to 30 percent immediately, and if not changed monthly they can cause expensive parts to fail and can even ruin your furnace. These pleated filters can also reduce your heating and cooling efficiency by up to 50 percent. Be sure to buy the inexpensive 1 dollar filters that you can see through. You will save a lot of money in the long run. Ask about the Train Clean Effects air cleaners that filter 99.98 percent of all allergens, it’s rated as the best air cleaner in the industry.

For Heating, if you set your thermostat back only 3 degrees for the winter, you can save 5 to 20 percent on your heating bill. And for cooling if you set your thermostat up only 3 degrees for the summer you can save 10 to 20 percent on your cooling bill. Ask about our Honeywell thermostats that can do this automatically.

In our industry we have seen complete disasters resulting from broken or cracked water pipes. We offer a wonderful system that can sense water leaks anywhere in your home or business, then immediately shut off the main water supply line. Then it can notify you by phone or email what area is wet and that it has shut off the water. It’s a great system if you have old or plastic water pipes, travel a lot or have non-replaceable items. Ask about our Home Smart Safety System.

Do you have cracks in your foundation walls? You could have a cracked or broken sewer line under your home or just outside that could be causing expensive foundation problems. Time can camera and videotape the line to see if there is a dangerous problem. If we find a problem we can give you options with pricing then if you want us to we can quickly fix it. In most cases we can get a lot of the expenses covered by your homeowners insurance.

Do you have an irritating dripping faucet that’s wasting water, A leaking faucet can waist $100 yearly in water? We can rebuild it and make it like new or give you pricing and options to replace it.

Have you ever wondered how energy efficient your heating and air conditioning equipment is? Over half of your energy bill comes from your heating and cooling equipment. Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. can evaluate your equipment, than let you know how efficient it is. If there is something simple that could make it operate more efficiently, we will give you options and pricing.

If you start seeing rusty water when filling your bathtub or sink, keep a close eye on your water heater. Many people say they had noticed rusty water for a week or two before their water heater started leaking. The average life of a water heater is just over 10 years. If your water heater is in a crawl space or in a basement it can leak for hours or days before being noticed, causing a lot of damage. Many people are not aware of the age or condition of their water heater. If you know the brand name, we can give you information about the average life, and any noted safety issues or recalls. If you are considering replacing it, we are happy to give you a phone quote. And if you have us replace your water heater this month, you’ll save 100 dollars.

Do you have a drain alarm? It’s a wonderful thing to have if you have ever had drain or sewer problems. It is simply installed by a floor drain, and as soon as it senses water it goes off like a fire alarm. This is a great and inexpensive way to prevent a major water problem in your basement, crawl space or any area in your home that has a potential for water leaks.

By simply installing a water conserving shower head, you can save over 200 dollars on your water and utility bill in just one year.

Did you know the average life of a tank-type water heater is only ten and a half years? We sell the energy-efficient Bradford White water heaters, with an average life of over 16 years, the longest in the industry. If your water heater is getting old, we’ll be happy to give you a competitive price over the phone to replace it. If you have us replace your water heater this month you’ll save a hundred dollars.

To improve the smell of your garbage disposal, cut 1 or 2 lemons in half, grind them up without water and leave them in the disposal. It works great if you have company coming over. For a longer term solution we sell Bio Clean, a non-toxic enzyme cleaner that helps eliminate odors from your sinks or shower. It also helps to keep grease out of sewer lines.

There’s a big difference in the way companies clean and service equipment. Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. will take the extra time needed to do a complete and thorough job, the way your equipment should be serviced. By cleaning and servicing your furnace, boiler or air conditioning system you can save up to 50% on your energy bill, and extend the life of the equipment.

High water pressure can create a lot of plumbing problems from pre-mature water leaks to valves that break or blow apart. Plumbing code requires a pressure reducing valve on any systems over 75 pounds. A simple solution is to install a pressure reducing valve. This will prolong the life of your faucets, toilets, water heater and all other plumbing.