Denver Lawn Sprinkler Repairs & Winterization

Spruce up your home’s landscaping by making sure your lawn sprinkler is working at its best. Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. is here to help with your lawn sprinkler repair and winterization needs in the Denver area. Call us now at (303) 758-6237 to schedule your next lawn sprinkler installation or repair appointment. Frost-proof faucets Denver, Sillcock & Spigot winterization Denver.

Lawn Sprinkler Repairs & Winterization Denver, CO

Our team performs several lawn sprinkler services every year. In the fall we can winterize your system to prepare for the cold Denver winters.

What you can expect:
If you need winterization services, we will drain out all of the water in your system. We will also check the shut off valve and winterize the vacuum breaker. In the spring we will de-winterize the system, inspect the operation, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your system is working as it should. If there is a problem, we can repair the zone valve assembly or replace it as needed.

If you are looking for lawn sprinkler services, we can help you replace sprinkler heads, repair wiring problems, replace the clock, and repair or replace the vacuum breaker. We work on a range of piping materials: copper, poly, PVC, CPVC, ABS, and PEX.

Count on Time to Get it Done Right

You can rely on us to get the job done properly. We are Certified Green Plumbers and are always looking for ways to help your system work more efficiently.
We do not cut corners or try to take shortcuts. All of our work is carried out using the best available parts, and everything is completed according to industry codes and standards. You won’t have to worry about further problems recurring after the job is done. Our team rarely makes mistakes, but if we do we will take care of it quickly so you can return to your normal routine without any more hassle.

Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. will accurately diagnose the problem, give you options, and fix it right day or night!

The Personal Attention You Deserve

We make every effort to ensure a personable experience for our customers. If you are having issues with your sprinkler system, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to discuss the issue with you and work towards the best solution.

Our friendly service and the personal attention we provide to every customer is the reason we have been the premier Denver plumbers since 1983. While the technology and equipment we use have changed and developed over the years, our commitment to the customer has stayed the same. Going above and beyond for our clients is the norm, and we take pride in our ability to connect with those we serve and help them find the relief and peace of mind they need.

If your lawn sprinkler system needs repair or winterization solutions, give Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. a call at (303) 758-6237. You will be treated to friendly support and competitive, flat-rate pricing. Frost-proof faucets Denver, Sillcock & Spigot winterization Denver.