Denver Lead Pipe Repair & Replacement

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Lead Pipe Repair & Replacement Denver, CO

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Do I Have Lead Pipes?

Depending on when your home was built, you may have lead pipes that need some professional attention. If it was built prior to the 1970s, then there is a decent chance your household water is flowing through lead pipes. You may also have a mixture of different pipe materials that includes some lead pipes or connections. If you are unsure, some good places to check include underneath the kitchen sink, in the garage or in the basement. Lead pipes are often a dull grey color, which is another sign, although some lead pipes have been painted.

If you’re new to an older area, asking the neighbors may yield results, and if all else fails you can call in your plumber to check it out for you. A plumber will know exactly what to look for and where, so you don’t have to be left wondering. You can just take the required action.

Benefits of Lead Pipe Replacement

It’s no secret that lead is a highly toxic substance and particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women. Lead ingestion can affect behavior and learning potential and can harm internal organs. Not all lead pipes result in contaminated water, but having them updated and replaced with more modern materials is never a bad choice.

When you make the switch to copper or PEX, you’ll have durable pipes that help increase the water flow, save you money on your water bills and eliminate the risk of contamination. New pipes will also reduce the risk of costly water leaks, which is good news for any homeowner.

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Insist on Professional Service

In many communities, the town or city requires residents to take care of the private portion of their plumbing system when replacing lead pipes. This means, even if the municipality has changed the public portion, the pipes leading directly to your home may still be made of lead. The safest way to deal with it is to call in an experienced, professional plumber so you can carry on with total peace of mind.

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