Septic Tank Pumping & Repair Services in Denver

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Septic Cleaning & Repair Denver, CO

Septic tanks are most commonly associated with rural areas, but regardless of where you live in proximity to the city, having a septic system requires special care that isn’t included with regular plumbing systems. There’s no reason that a septic system can’t provide reliable plumbing for years to come, but expert care is a big part of the equation.

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Learn About Your Septic Tank

When you have a septic system for your home’s plumbing, there is a tank buried outside the house and the drains inside the house connect to one pipe that leads to the septic tank. Waste from inside your house ends up in the tank, and then the septic pump takes the wastewater from the tank and moves it into a leach field nearby.

Three layers of material form inside the tank; the effluent, scum and sludge. The effluent is material that floats around the middle of the tank, the sludge sinks to the bottom and the scum rises to the top. The effluent is the material that ends up in the leach field or drain field, and it usually has enough organic matter to fertilize the grass over top of the field. Naturally, a leak or split in the tank can mean big trouble, so quick action is important if you suspect trouble.

How a Good Cleaning Helps

Regular septic tank maintenance checks and cleaning will help keep your system in good working order and keep the system working properly. The cleaning allows the process to continue without incident, and it allows the technician to get a close look at the tank and repair any small issues before they have a chance to get worse.

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Trust Professional Septic Tank Repair

Whether you need septic tank maintenance or a more thorough repair, trusting the work to trained professionals is the only way to go. With a septic system repair, there is only a right way and wrong way to do it, and if you don’t have the required experience, chances are you’re doing it wrong and will have to face the consequences. Leave it to professionals to set your mind at ease. Our professionals will give you their recommendation on whether you need repair service or if you are in need of septic tank replacement.

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