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Safety is the top priority when performing electrical work. We never recommend DIY electrical work. The team at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. are up-to-date with all building codes in Applewood, CO while using best safety practices. Trust Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. with all your electrical services in your home.

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Add Value to Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

There are many reasons why investing in outdoor lighting is a great idea. Many homeowners want to add something special to their homes or feel safer. Outdoor lighting offers many benefits that include:

  • Lighting pathways to see better in the dark
  • Highlighting unique parts of your home or yard
  • Creating ambience for guests
  • Providing patio lighting and garden lighting
  • Motion sensor security lighting to feel safer

Whether your outdoor lighting needs are for practicality or design, the experts at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. can help create a beautiful and functional design for your yard and home exterior.

Why Install a Generator?

When the power goes out, don’t get left in the dark. A generator can help you in times of emergency if you power goes out. A generator works by sensing when the power goes off and kicking on so that you are not without power. Some of the reasons homeowners choose to install generators include the following:

  • Gives peace of mind during bad weather
  • To protect electronic devices in power outages
  • To keep fridge and freezer contents good during power outages

If you’d like to learn more about generators, call Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. today.

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The Difference Between a Breaker and a Fuse

Breakers and Fuses are used to control the flow of electricity to your appliances. While they both work on the same basic principle, they go about it differently. A breaker can be tripped when it’s overloaded with electricity. A breaker is a spring loaded switch that can be tripped an infinite amount of times, when it trips you only need to reset it. A fuse on the other hand can only be blown once. A fuse works by interrupting the flow of electricity by safely melting a metal strip inside the fuse. Fuses need to be repaired if they are blown.

Providing Applewood, CO with Safe and Reliable Electrical Services

  • Surge Protection
  • Ceiling Fan Services
  • Electrical Remodeling
  • Panel Box Upgrades and Installation
  • Motion Sensor Security Lighting Repair & Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Design, Repair & Installation
  • Generators
  • Breakers
  • Fuses
  • Switches & Outlets
  • Commercial Electrical Services

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