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Heating, AC Repair & Installation Applewood, CO

When it comes to your heating and cooling needs, comfort is key. At Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. we work to ensure your family is comfortable all year round. Whether it’s providing efficient AC services or upgrading your heating systems, we can take care of it all. Repairs, maintenance and new installations are a breeze when you call Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc.

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Reasons to Install a New Furnace

No one wants to replace their furnace. Although sometimes it’s quite necessary. Some reasons you should definitely think about replacing your furnace include:

  • Increasing heating bills each month - As your unit experiences wear and tear it will become less efficient and cost more each month to run.
  • Cold spots in your home - This means there is uneven heat distribution.
  • Recurring repairs - If your unit is costing you more in repairs, it will save you more money to invest in a new, more modern system.
  • A yellow or flickering pilot light - This is a sign of excess carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that is produced by burning fuel. This is potentially dangerous and needs to be checked out right away.
  • Soot around the floors and walls of the unit - As another sign of carbon monoxide, this issue should not be ignored.
  • Cracks or leaks - Aging units can begin to crack and leak, warranting a new replacement.

Air Handler Repair Issues

The air handler is the metal box that is home to all the important components of your AC system. Many air conditioning issues stem from the air handler. Some of the most common problems are:

  • Overheating - Broken or malfunctioning parts can cause other components to work harder, this can create overheating issues.
  • Contamination - In order for the air handler to work properly, the inside must be extremely clean. If the air handler becomes contaminated you could see many other issues arise.
  • Freezing - This can occur as a symptom of contamination. A dirty evaporator coil can cause components to freeze and stop working.
  • Structural issues - If the air handler itself becomes damaged, you run this risk of damaging the components inside or even contaminating the inside.

If you are experiencing air handler issues, call the experts at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. right away to solve the issue before it gets worse.

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