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Heating, AC Repair & Installation Evergreen, CO

Whether you are looking to maintain a current unit, repair something or install a new heating or cooling system, the experts at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. have you covered. Our experts are trained and experienced in providing the best service possible with as little disruption to your home as possible. In a matter of hours we can have your Evergreen, CO heating or cooling system up and running.

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Benefits of a Gas Log Fireplace

If your goal as a homeowner is to own a fireplace, but you do not want to deal with the logistics, a gas log fireplace may be the best option. Some of the benefits include:

  • Ease of use - Gas log fireplaces do not require chopping wood or cleaning soot. Using it is as simple as flicking a switch.
  • Peace of mind - Unlike a real fireplace, you do not have to worry about the flames burning out, or a spark flying out and igniting your carpet. Gas log fireplaces are safe to use.
  • All year ambience - If you want the ambience of the fireplace in the summer, you can use a gas log fireplace without experiencing heat from it. Enabling you to enjoy the ambience all year round.

Signs of Evaporator Coil Issues

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your AC, it may be the evaporator coil to blame:

  • Cold or warm spots in your home due to uneven cooling
  • AC that turns on and off constantly, without actually cooling anything
  • Clanging noises coming from the unit
  • Warm air coming from your ducts instead of cool air
  • Increased humidity
  • A noisy condenser unit

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Are Refrigerant Problems to Blame?

Another reason your AC may not be working properly is if you are experiencing a refrigerant leak. If you notice less refrigerant in your unit, do not simply add more. You may have a leak that needs to be looked at by a professional. Leaks can come from several issues, most commonly they are caused by a puncture in the system, improper installation or a manufacturer's defect. If you believe you have a refrigerant problem, call the experts at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. right away.

Ask About Our Other HVAC Services in Evergreen

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For all your Evergreen, CO heating and cooling needs, call Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. Our experts have the knowledge and skill to get the job done right the first time. Call 303-758-6237 to set up an appointment with us today.