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Dealing with wires, breakers, fuses and switches can be tricky work. Electrical work is always best left to professionals who have experience working with high voltage devices. DIY electrical work is so greatly discouraged that most insurance companies will not even accept claims from homes with amateur electrical work. The team at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. have the tools and experience to solve all your electrical needs at fair and reasonable prices.

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What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting?

Many homeowners install outdoor lighting for many reasons. Some of the most obvious reasons to install outdoor, landscape lighting include:

  • Highlighting unique features of your home’s architecture or landscaping
  • Providing lighting for walkways or other paths
  • Creating ambience for outdoor entertaining

At Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc., we work with homeowners to provide beautiful and functional lighting solutions for your yard or patio.

What Is the Difference Between a Fuse and a Breaker?

While fuses and breakers provide generally the same service, they go about it in different ways. Both devices were created to interrupt the flow of electricity to a circuit if the circuit becomes overloaded.

A breaker is a spring-loaded device that will “trip” if the voltage gets too high. A breaker can trip many times in its lifetime and only needs to be reset each time it tripped. A fuse is a metal strip that will safely melt when it becomes overloaded, interrupting the flow of electricity. A fuse can only blow once and then will need to be replaced.

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Why Install a Generator?

A generator is vital in providing peace of mind for homeowners who experience many power outages. A generator works by connecting to the power in your home, springing into action when it senses a power outage. With a generator, your family can rest easy knowing they will be covered in the event of a power outage. With a generator, your computer and other devices are protected, your fridge and freezer will stay cool and you won’t need to rely on flashlights or candles. Once the power comes back on, the generator will go back into standby mode.

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  • Switches & Outlets
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