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AC Repair & Maintenance. Denver Central Air Conditioning Repair Company

Beat the summer heat with fast air conditioner repair services. Call Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. at (303) 758-6237 to schedule an immediate appointment.

Not sure what’s wrong with your air conditioner? Is it failing to give you cool air, giving off a musty smell, or leaking?

Your air conditioner may be due for repair. Don’t hesitate to get the professional help you need.

Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. is your local Denver AC repair contractor committed to solving your toughest cooling problems. We take the time to assess the issue and provide you with recommendations that best meet your needs.

Fixed Right Day or Night: We promise to accurately diagnose your problem, offer you options, and get the issue fixed day or night.


Common AC Repair Problems

If you notice these issues with your air conditioner, don’t let it go unattended:

Refrigerant Leak

This is due to an undercharged air conditioner during installation, or simply a leak. Do not try to add refrigerant yourself. You will need an air conditioning professional to repair the leak and charge the unit with the proper refrigerant level.

Electrical Malfunctions

It’s common for the AC compressor and fan control to break down over time. This is especially true if your unit is oversized and frequently turns on and off. Wires and terminals are also at risk of corroding, and we recommend having these inspected during a service call. Like any electrical work, repairing the electrical components of your AC system should be left to the professionals. Call Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric, Inc. to ask about AC control repairs.

Igniter Problems

If your central AC unit is powered by natural gas, you may experience problems with the igniter, causing your unit not to fire up properly. This can be caused by several things, including a bad connection to your thermostat, a broken or poorly connected gas line, the switch inside the unit being accidentally turned off, and a dirty ignition sensor causing the pilot light to go out.

Thermostat Issues

Your AC thermostat sensor may be knocked out of place, making it difficult to control the temperature in your home. This can cause your central air conditioner to lose efficiency. Our technicians may be able to resolve the issue by adjusting the sensor and making sure it is near its place by the evaporator coil. In some cases, thermostat replacement may be necessary to get your temperature control back in order.

Clogged Condensate Drain

Humidity can cause the condensate drain to clog. If your unit seems to be leaking, we will check the condensate drain to make sure it is not blocked.

Bad Blower Motor

The blower motor is the part of your system that is responsible for blowing your cooled air through your ducts and vents, into your home. Like any other mechanical component, it can break down over time. When it does, it will render your central AC unit virtually useless. Luckily, the AC repair experts at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. offer professional blower motor repair in your area! Give us a call today to learn more.

AC Compressor Repair & Replacement

The AC compressor is one of the essential parts of an air conditioning system. It’s essentially the heart of an air conditioner. The compressor contains several moving parts, which can succumb to wear and tear over time, causing the compressor to stop working. If your compressor starts to fail, you’ll probably notice the signs. The most common signs include an AC that doesn’t blow cold air anymore, odd sounds during startup, and frost forming on the coils.

When your AC compressor fails, you have several options which will highly depend on your situation.

Fortunately, replacing an AC compressor often costs less than having to replace or fix individual parts, so most AC contractors will avoid complex repairs and simply install a new compressor.

The compressor is the major part of the outside unit (condenser unit). If it’s still under warranty, you should have it replaced since your costs will only go towards labor. However, if the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the compressor, you’ll incur costs for both the compressor and the labor. In such a case, it’s going to be more cost-effective to replace the entire condenser unit.

Once you decide to replace the outside unit, you should also consider having an AC repair contractor change the indoor evaporator coils. That’s because the evaporator unit and condenser unit work together in what’s referred to as a “matched system.” So, replacing the condenser unit, but not the evaporator unit, will likely result in an inefficient system.

Beware of Dangerous AC Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous situations that can arise from HVAC problems. If your gas-powered AC system is showing any of the following signs, shut the system off immediately, and evacuate the property.
Signs of a possible gas leak from your AC unit:

  • Foul smell of rotten eggs blowing through your vents

  • AC unit not running as efficiently as usual

  • Gas bill is inexplicably high

  • Pilot light flame is burning yellow instead of blue

How Often Does Freon Need to Be Recharged?

The correct answer to this question is "never". If your AC unit is operating normally, then there should never be a reason for you to recharge, or replace, the refrigerant. Air conditioners don't "use up" freon, so it shouldn't run out. If it does, it is most definitely because there is a leak somewhere in the system. In this case, it is very dangerous to attempt to replace the freon yourself. Always call an experienced professional, like the ones at Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric, Inc., to replace the refrigerant in your unit. This should get your air cool again in no time.

Preventative AC Maintenance

The best way to keep your AC unit running efficiently is through regular maintenance. We recommend annual inspections and tune-ups by a trusted air conditioning service company.

With regular air conditioning preventive maintenance, we are able to locate problems before they have a chance to cause further damage and cost you in repair bills! Regular inspections let us keep a pulse on the health of your air conditioner, so you will know when it is time to repair and when it is best to replace.

Why Work With Us?

Your safety and comfort always come first. Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. provides trusted services that comply with local codes. Our Denver AC repair experts work quickly and efficiently to get your air conditioning system back to normal - without compromising on quality!

  • Fast turnarounds

  • Quality parts

  • Honest recommendations

  • Upfront quotes

  • Long term peace of mind

Contact us at (303) 758-6237 to get your Denver air conditioner repair service underway. Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. gets the job done!

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