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Repiping Services Denver, CO

Plumbing issues typically revolve around pipes, and when your home’s pipes have been damaged or start showing signs of wear and tear, professional plumbing solutions are usually the best option. When you have access to a high quality, reputable plumbing team, you can feel confident that any issues are going to be short-lived and your pipes will be restored to their former glory quickly and efficiently.

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When Is Repiping Necessary?

Repiping is a plumbing service that consists of replacing sections of pipe within your plumbing system, without having to replace the entire system. It is incredibly convenient, non-invasive and will save you money by avoiding more extensive repairs. When sections of pipe get older and weak, or have sustained damage for some reason, you may only need that specific section replaced and connected to the existing pipes.

Common Signs of Pipe Damage

If your damaged pipes are hidden behind walls or under floors (and most are), you may have to look for other signs to give you an indication that the pipes have issues. Some of the more common signs to watch for include a strange odor or color in the water, higher than average water bills for no apparent reason or lower water pressure. When you notice any of these signs, call for professional repiping before you end up with water damage. Once water starts getting into different areas of your home, you’re susceptible to rotting wood, mold growth and costly clean up if the problem is left for too long.

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Repiping with Different Types of Pipes

Some homeowners aren’t sure if their pipes are suitable for repiping, but it can work well with each of the most common types of household pipe; PEX and copper. PEX piping usually costs less than copper and is more flexible and less prone to freezing in the winter, but it isn’t as strong and is more resistant to acidity and UV light. Your plumber will let you know what type of pipes you have now, and what type should be used for the best results with the repiping job.

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