Denver Gas Line Repair & Installation

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Gas Line Repair & Installation Denver, CO

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Info on Your Gas Line Services

If you live in a home with gas appliances or a gas powered water heater, then you have a gas line running to the house. Most houses that have gas appliances run on either natural gas or propane. As long as your gas line is in good working order, your appliances will keep running well and everyone in the house will be safe. However, if your gas line develops a leak, there is a serious fire or explosion risk. Call the experts for expert gas line repair services!

Do You Have These Gas Line Repair Signs?

Having a gas powered home is safe, which is why you rarely hear of any serious mishaps involving natural gas or propane lines. Gas line installation is secure and your local utility company is an expert at keeping residences safe. However, the serious nature of the subject matter means you should be aware of the signs of a gas leak, just in case.

The gas inside your gas line has no odor on its own, but the utility company adds an ingredient that makes it smell like rotten eggs, which is what you’ll smell if there is a gas line leak. If you notice this powerful smell inside your home, it’s time to take immediate action. Another sign you may notice is the sound of hissing as the gas escapes from the pipe. This isn’t always present, but if it is and you smell rotten eggs, you probably have a leak.

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Steps to Take After Gas Leak Detection

Since the destruction of your home and everyone in it are possible results of a gas leak, you must take decisive and immediate action if you notice gas pipe repair signs. It’s important to get everyone out of the house right away, without using any electrical devices beforehand. The smallest spark can cause a fire or explosion, so even turning off the lights or using your cell phone is a no-no.

It’s also important to leave the door open if possible when you leave to help vent the gas, and when you are safely outside, call your gas company or 911 for help. Once the leak is contained, give us a call for immediate gas line leak repair services.

Gas leaks are serious business and should never be taken lightly. Call Time Plumbing, Heating & Electric Inc. at 303-758-6237 in the Denver, CO area right away if you notice any signs of a gas leak. We will send someone out right away to take control of the situation.