Denver Radiant Heating Installation & Repair

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Radiant Heating Installation & Repair Denver, CO

In a city like Denver, CO, being able to wake up on a cold winter morning and feel a warm floor under your feet is about as comforting as it gets. It’s no secret that Colorado winters are long and challenging, but a warm floor inside your house helps make the cold weather more bearable. This warm floor scenario can be a reality if you decide to have a radiant heating system installed in your home.

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Radiant Floor Heating Basics

Radiant heating is usually set up in flooring, but it is possible to use it behind walls or even in the ceiling. Radiant heating uses a piping system that runs beneath the floor. Water or glycol is heated and pumped through the pipes to keep the floor warm and radiate heat upward. The water or glycol may be heated by electricity, natural gas, propane or even solar power in some cases. Once you have a radiant heating system set up in your home, you’ll begin seeing many benefits.

Typical Radiant Heating Benefits

Radiant heating has benefits that standard heating systems don’t have, including cleaner indoor air, quieter operation and greater energy efficiency. Without the need the air ducts and blowing fans, you won’t have to worry about dust, dirt and mold spores being blown around your living space. Loud and obnoxious furnaces are no longer an issue and you won’t have to think about changing dirty filters to maintain a decent level of efficiency. Lower bills, consistent heat and cleaner indoor air are all great reasons to make the switch.

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Keeping Your Radiant Heating System Running Smoothly

Even though most radiant heating systems run problem-free and without issue, it’s wise to schedule regular maintenance visits to ensure every component is running well. You still need a pump or boiler to make your system work, and the pipes must be in good working order, so having a technician visit once per year will keep the system running smoothly and keep your mind at ease, so you can continue to feel those comforting warm floors every morning.

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